This election 

This election. It’s tearing my conscious. How on Gods earth can I vote? I am a practicing Catholic and with that, rightly I support marriage between a man and a woman and I am strongly against abortion. Marriage and family are the foundation of our society and societies can only flourish with families being the […]

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What are we called to be? 

What are humans beings made for? Why are we here? Humans are made for live and for family. On reflection, anger is a prominent emotion among young people who lack love. I will argue fiercely that there is a definitive link between a lack of love and an increase in mental illness. Yet, our society […]

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We have fallen.

God had a plan, a beautiful plan for mankind and it started with Adam and Eve. Adam, made male knew there was something missing, he was different to the animals and when Eve came, he acknowledged that she was flesh of his flesh. There is a physical compliment between a man and woman.  We are […]

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j o y 

I’m just coming home from mass, it’s the first Sunday of advent. During mass, the priest invited everyone up during the time of communion and he said anyone unable to receive communion (because they were too young or hadn’t been to confession in the past year) to come and receive a blessing. All these little […]

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I choose Catholicism

Summa 2016 has officially came to a close. And wow, what a summer it has been. From Rend Collective, to Espana, to some quality time with the bf on wild adventures to the middle of nowhere, to the j o y of volunteering for camp Veritas, to the rally for life, to youth 2000, to […]

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I can’t wait any longer 

The word ‘chastity’ or ‘purity’ gives the fear to some people, how could I wait to have sex with my boyfriend/girlfriend? It’s too tempting, I want to now’  As stated in my earlier blog, we are so consumed with what makes up happy now and the long term does not come into it. Within my friendship […]

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